Upcoming shows! / by Adam Burke

Hello there!

How exciting that my website is still up!  And I finally got those business cards I mentioned.  I am happy with the way they came out, although I think some people think I am a Taekwondo instructor (attached below).

I told myself that 2018 would be the year that I finally get stuff moving, and it is!!  I am showing at a few places already this year.  June and July 2018  I will be participating in a group art show for Art Walk Pride.  The show will be at ARIA salon on Capitol Hill.

In July I am also showing at Street Beans in Belltown (near Seattle Center).  These will be some of my photography of sunflowers I did.  I am showing at their other location in U-District in September (although I don't know what yet).  I am showing at my job for the month of November (It's a private firm so this one will have to be an invite/escort viewing), and I also submitted to be part of a group show in July (waiting for the Jury's decision).  Things are finally coming up Millhouse!