Brianna and I being ourselves.  Jeremy representing the world.    

Brianna and I being ourselves.  Jeremy representing the world.


What had happened is...

      Growing up in Southern Vermont; Art has always been a great way for escapism.  I would come home from High School, lay on my bedroom floor, and draw or paint until it was time for bed.  I began to win awards for my work, and that helped fuel my confidence to keep creating.

     I work primarily in the field of photography, and from there, portrait photography.  It developed out of my passion for painting, where I wasn't getting the subject material I really wanted, so I started creating my own.  Serendipitously, photography grew out of that.

     College was where I really worked with experimentation, and pushed my comfort zone (and other people's as well).  I lived in the darkroom, and developed a personal signature style to my work.  Whether it was angels, fashion, fine art, or figure study; people knew what was mine. 

    My work aims at the representation of men as subjects of beauty.  I enjoy being eclectic, and capturing imperfections.  I tend to stray away from too much post-production because I like to keep the honesty in my work.

     The photography I create has definitely matured, and the projects I create have a specific purpose.  Each project I work on is unique and has its own voice.  Specific poses may be revisited, but projects are built organically, and are reflective to the model I am photographing, the location, and the vision. 

      Stay tuned for upcoming projects, for I don't see myself ending anytime soon.